Put Their Best Foot Forward

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Children love to run and play - even when they attend formal occasions. They can't do that safely without the proper footwear. You want shoes for children that are beautiful and sturdy. Baby World Inc has them. We sell both shoes for babies and children in Fall River, MA.

You'll find all European sizes fitting, everyone from newborns to seven-year-olds. Plus, we have both casual and dressy options. Your son or daughter will have the perfect shoes for every occasion.

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Shoes for running, jumping and enjoying being a kid

What does your child need shoes for? Our boutique has the perfect options for a variety of occasions. Maybe you need shoes that fit private school dress codes. We can help. You might want casual shoes for playdates and weekends. We sell those, too. Our brands include See Kai Run, Aster, Bopy, Chikitto and Naturino.

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